Saturday 18th May

Today my mind is on Phonics, I want to restart my class but I’m worried no one will show up.

feel the fear and do it anyway right

I’ve had such a long break I don’t know weather I’m coming or going.

It’s Ramadan and I am unsure weather a 10 clock start will work for most.

It works for me. But do I need to be more flexible to accommodate my clients. Either way it’s an opportunity to learn what works best.

I want to keep the class at 10 because I have other commitment and I dont want to loss more hours in the day. I’m up from 4am and the later the class the less energy I have. Plus I have to think about managing my children, my husband, and Jayden. It also my husband time too as his left holding the baby instead of working.

It’s the time I invest which causes the greatest difficult. I am almost starting to feel resentfull. I really don’t enjoy the business part of the session advertising, organising, sorting out insurance, communicating with venue, sorting out the costing, buying resources.

I only really enjoy teaching the session and coming up with different games and activities to capture the children attention. Thats what I enjoy and love doing but everything else is annoying and a time consuming but equally important task.

I don’t want to spend another few hours modifying a flyer.

I don’t want to spend a second wasting my time printing advertising and promoting the session.

And I don’t want to spend time looking for insurance.

Debating price structure is not something I enjoy.

I want to spend my time doing what I love and enjoy. Educating my children and having fun.

I also feel crippled by not knowing what to do. Do I raise the prices and make the class more sustainable or do I keep running at a loss.

I want to be able to invest more into classes, but I am also thinking it will never be a business if I keep pouring my funds into it and I’m not able to get any of my finances back.

I think I’m struggling in the managing the finance. Or running it smoothly.

I want to run the classes with love and compassion. My main aim is to teach and inspire my little learner and their parents but at what cost.

How long am I going to run at a loss. Now I’m almost thinking I started this class because I wanted to teach Jenelle Phonic with her friends.

Nothing changed

U must keep this goal in mind

Decision decision


Decision decision

1. Cost

I want to keep the cost affordable to the parents who need it most. But I also want to be able to buy the resource and cover the running fees for the class.

£4 per classes if booked termly or £5 one off. (Blocks of 6)

First trail session is £2.

2. Time


3. Venue

BFC for now as I am able to keep my resource there and it works for me with location being so close to home with childcare.


Start again or continue where I am. I’m continuing where I am. I’m going to devote more time to recap so learner can join in.

5.Start Date



booking at the start

7.Registion form

Paper work paper work. Ideally I would like to have an information pack for new parent. Registration form, term and condition ( your child your responsibility ) and welcome letter telling the parents a little bit about me and phonics.


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