Only 13 hours after deciding not to be sick I end up in A&E with both girls.

This must be some kind of test to see how strong my faith really is. Today got off to a good start but the cheerful mode soon changed when Jenelle woke up screaming. She cried for one hour my husband said and by the look on his face, I could tell he was stressed.

I picked her up and she was boiling hot, happy to be in my arms and calmed down instantly. She refuses to let me put her down so I held her close to me whilst I ate lunch.

I thought I better take her to the doctors since I had already found out I had a bacterial infection in my lungs since returning from holiday. The doc did say I should get the children checked if I was considered.

Two hours later we are seen by the walk-in clinic. She takes her temperature and goes into the panic mode it’s 40.6. She starts raising her voice why haven’t you given her carpal. She needs it straight away. She checks her ears and throat and gets on the phone to call reception to call an ambulance.

I don’t what they say on the other end of the phone but she tells us the wait time is 2-6 hours and we should make our own way there immediately.

She almost annoyed that we are not moving as fast As she is and we don’t seem to share her concerns. She actually swears in her frustration at the long wait time.

I wonder if she’s a rookie ( junior Doctor). Because I feel like I need to have a supervision session with her on professional manners.

Anyway, at one point we did start to get into a heated debate until I caught myself and decided it’s not worth my time.

She checked the baby quickly and said the babies fine but she extremely concerned about Jenelle she has an ear infection but she also suspects something else.

20 minutes later we are in our uber moment away from the hospital and the baby starts projectile vomiting all over the car and my husband.

The driver stops immediately he ask my husband to get out. We try our best to clean up the car the baby my husband and our stuff. I jump out and help with the clean up mission my husband is covered in it.

Then I hear the driver scream something and I realise Jenelle is also about to be sick. Sitting alone in the back of the car.

I take her out and join the vomit party. The smell is horrendous that properly why we were both sick.

It feels like something out of a comedy sketch. But I felt more like crying than laughing. Seeing and smell the vomit all of my Husband was sickening literally.

He’s so good I would I have turned around and went home in another cab he said he will stay and clean himself up at the hospital.

His amazing don’t want to leave me with two young children,

Now we are home antibiotics and few more projectiles and we are tucked up in bed.

What an evening.


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