Who’s Sick not me!!!!

Today I’m refusing to be sick. I don’t care what the doctor says I am fit and well. My body maybe fighting an infection but I refuse to be sick.

Life is to important to waste feeling sorry for myself. So today I choose to get up dust myself off and move on.

So it might be a little bit slower then normal but that’s ok. I will be extra kind to myself but, I refuse to sit still and be sick. It’s not in my personality of belief system to be sick. I Dont believe God gave me this body to lay down and wollow in my own self-pity.

So today I bounce back and live the life I choose to live.

My children and my callings are way too important to mope around.

I have Phonic, cooking, painting, housework, garden, finance, home ed, business stuff and admin to take care of. Not to mention my family and self care.

”By his stripes I am healed” that’s what the Bible says and that’s what I believe, God has my health covered.

I’m going to take my antibiotics not to sure about the pump and keep it moving. I really have to listen to my body and I know that it will heal with love and patients.

The next time someone asks me how I am I’m doing my response is ”fantastic ”.

Today is going to be a productive healthy day.

I think I will take Jayden to breakfast find somewhere quite to beat him at chess a few times. Bonding and chocolate crepe that’s bound to put a smile on his face. If I can find oatmeal porridge and herbal tea I will be smiling too.


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